Ask about our roof repair services in Rochester, NY

A roof leak could cause significant damage to your property, including foundation damage and wood rot. But don't worry - the professionals at Carter Exteriors are only one call away. You can turn to us for roof repair services in Rochester, NY. We'll work quickly to prevent mildew odors, mold growth and water damage.

We offer both residential and commercial roofing services. Call 585-438-7663 today to schedule roof repair services.

Signs that your roof is in bad shape

Not sure if you need roof repairs? There are some telltale signs of roof damage you may notice. You may need repairs if...

  • Your roof has dark streaks or stains
  • Your roof is missing shingles
  • Your roof has moss or mold growing on it

If you're still unsure about the condition of your roof, let us take a look at it ASAP. Get in touch with us now to request roof repairs in Rochester, NY.